Men & Women’s Group


We believe that from the very start God has ordained men the responsibility of creating, cultivating, protecting, and redeeming the life that they have around them back to Jesus. This includes anything from the work that they do, the relationships that they are in, the families that they have, and even the culture that surrounds them. It is a sacred duty and call that TLC believes firmly in giving to our men. Our Men’s group is focused on helping the men of our community grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and restoring the God given mission that was entrusted to them.


Women are important to the health of the church. It was women who stuck by Jesus. It was the women who helped backed a majority of the major missions of the apostles and elders of the early church. Women are the equal image bearer to God with distinct vital roles. TLC’s women’s group is focused on helping the women of our community grow more deeply in love with Jesus, grow in their knowledge of the Bible and ultimately becoming disciple makers for Jesus.